Toro Y Moi Apologises For Racial Comments That Offended The Internet

Toro Y Moi has issued a lengthy apology clarifying some race-related comments he made on Twitter that upset members of the internet.

It all started a few days ago (March 5th, US time) when the artist otherwise known as Chaz Bundick attempted to communicate some of his thoughts on the complex social issues of racism and prejudice in 140 characters or less, stating that “we’re all a lil racist” and that “mixed race ppl have a better view of the world”:

Unsurprisingly, the internet did not respond well:

Realising that he done goofed, the chillwave producer has returned with his tail between his legs to apologise, explaining that his comments “lacked the nuance that this complex issue deserves”.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

He also went on to admit that his word choice in the OG tweets was wrong, clarifying that he meant mixed race people had a “different” view of the world rather than a “better” one, because such people are forced to grow up with “no default culture”.

“It was reckless of me to make a tongue-in-cheek comment about everyone being racist together… I realise now that racism is a form of violence, even if it’s not a physical act,” he continued.

“I’m still learning. I am grateful for all of my fans… I love you”

Read Toro Y Moi’s full statement below, and catch him performing live in Australia this weekend at Victoria’s Pitch music festival and Sydney’s inaugural Days Like These festival.

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