Travis Barker Discusses The Likelihood Of A New Boxcar Racer Album

Prior to the release of Blink-182’s generation-defining 2003 self-titled album, members Tom Delonge and Travis Barker had embarked on a solo project, the post-hardcore infused, DIY-standard Boxcar Racer. For years the project has been but a fond memory for Blink fans, but now it seems sleeping dogs may not be left to lie.

Essentially Blink-sans-Mark-Hoppus (except on the track Elevator), Boxcar Racer managed to record and release just one full-length album in 2002 and embark on one North American tour before Delonge ultimately pulled the plug.

According to drummer Travis Barker, there’s legit hope of a new album from the one-time side project. Speaking to GQ, Barker reveals, “It’s been mentioned. That’d be cool,” but is cautious of the consequences having been burnt last time, saying, “It’s hard because the last one caused so many problems with Blink.”

Barker also goes into some of the fokelore surrounding the project, which for the most part has been completely ignored bar the odd nostalgic session on YouTube, since 2002.

“We started writing and had no idea what it was going to be for. I think we were both under the impression in the beginning that it was going to be a Blink album,” he says.

Their label at the time then released the record, sending them on the road after initially denying them the right. “It just spiralled out of control,” Barker says.

Ever the professional, Barker is still vetting the idea mentally, questioning the outcome, “I don’t know. [Mark’s] not in the band, so would it cause a lot of problems? Would it not? I have no idea. It’s something I can’t even wrap my head around just because I’m so proud of this album that we’re currently supporting.”

Delonge reportedly retweeted an article on the Boxcar reunion, ominiously captioned “Hmmm…,” but the tweet appears to have been removed. Which could mean anything, really…

Watch: Boxcar Racer – ‘I Feel So’

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