Travis Barker Is Freaking Everyone Out, Says He’s Quitting Blink-182 To Do Rap Now

Travis Barker has been on the troll, teaming up with rapper Yelawolf to basically give Blink-182 fans a coronary dumpweed.

It all started when Yela posted a picture of an uncharacteristically suave looking Travis on Insty, along with the following quote, attributed to the human drum machine:

“As of today .. Im officially quitting all other bands I work with and I’ll be joining my brother Yelawolf for the remainder of my career .. Thanx Blink for the good times … But theres a bigger hat for me to wear now …. Nashville here I come !!!!! “

Naturally, this sent the interwebs into a state of hysterical paralysis.


UNTIL T-Bone came in with the proverbial budum-tsh (for those who missed the “this-is-totally-a-joke” subtext in the whole “bigger hat” line) to explain that Yela was just yanking everyone’s drumsticks.

“Don’t trip everybody it’s just a joke,” he posted. “Love my brother Yela till the death and def will be rocking with him again soon.”

Guess that means he’ll be staying put in Blink for the time being, then.


And speaking of people who may or may not still be members of Blink-182, wayward son Tom DeLonge recently stated that he’s “willing and interested” in rejoining the band, as the fellas hit the studio to record a bunch of new material with stand-in guitarist Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio.

Meanwhile, you can catch slightly overzealous Travis Barker collaborator Yelawolf touring Australia this December.

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