Triple J Unearthed Releases Shred-tacular Tony Hawk Pro-Skater Inspired Playlist

For any ‘alternative individual’ it’s impossible to overstate the importance of the Tony Hawk Pro-Skater soundtracks. Many of us first had our musical awakenings through these games. Triple j seems to be totally aware off this and has taken it upon themselves to create a playlist in a similar vein, looking to Unearthed to bring the jams.

Teaming up with local skate rat Nikki-Rose Quinlan, triple j presenter, confessed THPS die-hard and habitual legend Gen Fricker have put together the ultimate list of Aussie music to help you stomp those hammers.

Artists like Koi Child, The Nuclear Family, These New South Whales, The Scapegoats and a whole lot more punk/ska/hip hop goodness make the cut, so you’re sure to be gee’d AF for your next run.

When Tony Hawk Pro-Skater dropped in 1999, few knew just how much of an impact it would have on skateboarding, gaming, music and pop culture in general. In a time when movies were still getting their head around the importance of including relevant music in the soundtrack, THPS featured Dead Kennedys, The Vandals, Primus, Goldfinger and Suicidal Tendencies – gateway bands that many of us never let go of.

Check out the radio segment here:

You can give the whole All-Australian Tony Hawk Pro-Skater soundtrack re-up a spin here.

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