Triple J’s Tom And Alex Sing Nude Karaoke For Syrian Refugees

Two of Australia’s most esteemed arbiters of morning radio, triple j‘s Tom Ballard and Alex Dyson, otherwise known as the irreverent Tom and Alex spent this morning taking on a series of dares and challenges to raise money for the Syrian refugee crisis.

Among the hijinks, the duo got ABC Managing Director Mark Scott to eat a red chilli live on air, UK comedian Mark Watson to read the weather in character as Sesame St‘s The Count, and thanks to a $1,000 donation, Bendigo will now be included in the weather report.

While this was all going on Mr. Ballard was earning big bucks for the cause, completing a dare to wear drag for the entire show. He also pledged 20c for every ‘Like’ the photo evidence received on Facebook, resulting in an incredible $5,600 out-of-pocket donation.

For the epic denouement to the affair, the duo stripped down to their birthday suits to give a spirited and naked performance of the empowering Helen Reddy classic, I Am Woman. Combined, their efforts raised over $30,000 for the Syrian refugee crisis.

Readers can check out a video of the day’s activities, below.

Watch: Nude Karaoke with Tom & Alex

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