Tupac Resurrected During Dr. Dre And Snopp Dogg Coachella Performance

The closing night of the 2012 Coachella Festival has become much more than fans bargained for. Rumours had been circulating about the possibility of a holographic performance from Snoop Dogg’s long-time friend Nate Dogg. However, they instead bought iconic rapper Tupac back to life, only paying tribute to the rapper who passed away last year.

The closing performance has been riddled with A-List performers who assisted in performing on tracks. The artists have included the likes of: Eminem; 50 Cent; Wiz Khalifa; and so many more. However, the most notable onstage performance came in the form of the resurrection of long-time legend, Tupac, who was shot in 1996 and died aged 25. Tupac performed only two songs with the group, however the hologram looked so realistic that some thought it was real.

The hologram technology could be the same that is supposed to be used during the One Great Night on Earth Festival, which is set to take place on December 1. The idea is to resurrect a dead singer for a show, where he will play with the original band.

This performance brings the iconic Coachella Festival once again to a close and has left attendees and viewers absolutely speechless.

Watch: Tupac at Coachella

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