So It Turns Out Kanye Isn’t Working On A Bowie Tribute Album

Internet warriors can stop with those petitions as it looks like Kanye West was never planning a David Bowie tribute album after all.

The news, which we dutifully reported earlier this week, was initially reported by The Daily Star. And now, it looks like, was also complete bullshit.

kanye shrug gif

Making a statement to TMZ earlier today, Kanye’s representatives put the matter to bed once and for all by dismissing the claims as ridiculous. Mind you with the fact that story came from an anonymous sources quoted in a tabloid, the smart money was always on this never actually happening.

Of course it was the dyed in the wool Kanye haters that really took the bait, with a petition being started to stop the recording of the album. With only 5,000 signatures, the petition nevertheless got about the same media attention as recent climate talks in Paris, all because of Kanye’s huge media pull/ability to inspire hate.

While Kanye did tweet in memoriam of the passed star, his respect is such that he would never consider touching the legend’s music. So never fear you lovers of Bowie or haters of Kanye, this unholy musical matrimony was never on the cards and never will be.

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