Twitter Made The 1975 Singer’s Mum Think He’d Died Of An Overdose

Whilst discussing the downsides of his growing fame, Matt Healy of Manchester indie rockers The 1975 revealed that at one point, fan rumours left his mum in tears. Healy said his mum called him distressed after reading rumours spread over Twitter claiming the singer had died of an overdose.

“Someone said I had an overdose in my flat, who’s making that shit up? I didn’t. I was on a plane to America,” Healy told celebrity website Bang Showbiz (via Gigwise). “My mum rang me in tears. She thought I was dead for six hours. That’s not cool at all. That is the shit I don’t like [about fame].”

The singer has spoken openly about his past substance abuse, telling The Guardian back in November 2013, “I never lost it to heroin – but I was a coke addict big-time. I was 18, I dabbled in everything. I wanted to be Jack Kerouac. I thought I was as decadent as all of that.”

“There have been loads of rumours,” Healy added to Bang Showbiz. “[Among them], that I slept with Rashida Jones, Quincy Jones’ daughter, I didn’t sleep with her. I wish I had. She’s wife material.” The singer said that he doesn’t enjoy fame “on a personal level,” adding, “I don’t like being so exposed and having things that I don’t think about being topics of conversation for other people.”

However, he says fame has been a boon creatively. “But, then again, I don’t resent the element of fame that’s marred my life because it’s amplified the way I am as a writer. I kind of understand it, it makes me a better writer. But I don’t want to be famous famous, I can’t be arsed with that.”

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Photos by Chriscia Khrisnadia

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