Tyler, The Creator’s Syrup Commercial Will Gross You Out

Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to advertising campaigns. Enjoyable as his Mountain Dew commercial was, it didn’t quite go as planned for the LA-based auteur. Perhaps the public will be kinder to this “ad” for Aunt Wang Syrup.

Directed by Wolf Haley, one of the many aliases of the controversial polymath, this commercial for a fake brand of maple syrup is as hilarious as it is gross. It opens with a pair of bullies picking on an unfortunate kid who begins to cry tears of syrup, which the two bullies then eagerly feast on.

Tyler himself has tweeted his satisfaction with the finished product and the OFWGKTA chief recently admitted to Larry King that he hates rapping and his aspirations now lie more with filmmaking than music. ” I want to do films,” he told King. “I want people to mention my name next to Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino. I don’t want my name to be mentioned next to other rappers at all.”

Watch: Aunt Wang Syrup Commercial

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Photos by Ashley Mar

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