Counter-Terrorism Officials Warn UK Music Venues To Brace For Possible Attacks

A top UK counter-terrorism officer has just put music venues on “high alert” heading into European festival season.

Speaking at a briefing at Wembley stadium, deputy assistant Metropolitan police commissioner Neil Basu warned that music fans could be the target of the next major attack attempt on British soil.

Basu told the crowd – which included both music executives and English Premier League officials – that entertainment events were “right at the top of the agenda” and encouraged them to beef up their security protocols and preempt the worst.

“I’d want to see the owners and event managers taking the same kind of security precautions,” he said (via The Sunday Times) “These people are perfectly happy to target civilians with maximum terror impact.”

Basu also spoke of the heightened risks for music events, many of which have large perimeters that are difficult to secure.

His warning comes some six months on from the devastating events in Paris that saw over 100 innocent people slaughtered in multiple attacks, the worst of which occurred at Eagles Of Death Metal’s concert at the Bataclan theatre.

The concert venue recently announced plans to re-open before the end of 2016.

While it’s all pretty scary stuff, and it’s important that we stay educated about what’s going on in the world, this kind of thing should never discourage punters from actually continuing to go out and do what they love.

And if you need any reminding as to why, then just remember the wise words of 2016’s bonafide Gold Logie winner, Waleed Aly:

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