ISIS Terrorists Reportedly Tried To Hunt Down EODM Frontman Jesse Hughes During Bataclan Attack

In a horrifying new revelation, Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes may have been one of the targets of the terror attack on the band’s show at Paris’s Bataclan Theatre.

Chilling new details have emerged about the massacre, indicating that the Islamic State gunmen tried to hunt down the EODM singer as they stormed the venue, killing 90 people.

According to information from a judicial enquiry into the carnage, leaked to the Figaro newspaper (via Daily Mail), one of the terrorists shouted “Where’s the singer? Where are the Yanks?” shortly after the band fled the stage.

The same terrorist then started playing a discarded xylophone, as other members of his ISIS cell searched for The Devil and his bandmates.

It was previously reported that several EODM fans fled backstage during the siege to hide inside the band’s dressing room, only to be hunted down and killed by the gunmen shortly after.

Only one of them survived, apparently by hiding under Hughes’ leather jacket.

Considering this new information, it stands to reason that the terrorists were searching the backstage area in the hope of finding Hughes himself.

While it’s not yet known why Boots Electric was a target, the singer is widely known to be a devout Christian and a passionate supporter of gun ownership in the US.

WARNING: The following Instagram post contains disturbing footage of the Bataclan Theatre attack

A total of 130 people lost their lives in a series of coordinated attacks across the French capital on November 13th, but by far the worst loss of life occurred at the Bataclan, where Hughes and his band were performing in front of a 1,000 plus crowd.

Four Daesh-bags responsible were killed as police stormed the venue — three by activating their suicide vests, while a fourth was shot dead.

The killers apparently shouted: “You’re going to pay for Syria and Iraq”, as the bloodbath unfolded.

Pointing to a revenge attack, one also shouted: “You do what you do in Syria. Listen to the people screaming. We’re not in Syria, but we’re taking action here. You do this to us, we’re doing this to you.”

Eagles Of Death Metal recently returned to The Bataclan to pay tribute to the victims. The band also joined U2 onstage for a performance of two songs – including their Zipper Down cut, I Love You All The Time, which they’ve also been asking bands around the world to cover to help raise money for the Paris victims.

Here in Australia, Melbourne rock den Cherry Bar has announced an EODM-themed charity night, with all proceeds to go towards the same cause.

Watch: Eagles Of Death Metal Speak Out About The Paris Attacks

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