Ur Boy Bangz Leaves Music With The Year’s Hottest Xmas Track

Having gone from strength to strength in 2015, Ur Boy Bangz has nevertheless chosen to walk away from the music world, dropping this Xmas banger Christmas Song Pt III as his final farewell.

It’s been a roller-coaster year for the Sudanese born rapper, who got a very unexpected push into the popular consciousness after Jimmy Fallon featured his seminal 2009 hit Take You To The Movies on his Do Not Play segment, a segment dedicated to hating on “bad” music. Fallon pretty much just trashed Bangs, but it was enough to get him some local media attention with Bangz coming forth to discuss the diss from Fallon as well as being the first Australian hip hop artist to be featured on the show.

Bangz wasn’t about to take it lying down though and soon fired off a red hot (and incredibly accurate) diss track back at Fallon. This also got more attention from the local media, including yours truly, once again proving that when it comes down to it, the Australian media is only interested in the most important stories and hard hitting facts.

This wasn’t the end of the episode though, as Bangz, born Ajak Chol, soon announced he would quit music at the end of the year after dropping his final album. And while that album never came, Bangz has given us Christmas Song Pt III as his final farewell.

Embodying everything that we all loved about Bangs and his timeless musical voice, this festive scorcher is a fitting goodbye for one of the titans of the local hip hop scene. A future classic for sure, I can see myself sitting around the fire in years to come unwrapping presents with my emotionally distance and morally bankrupt children as Bangz’s signature high pitched voice coos out of my speakers like the dulcet tones of Bing Crosby did in generations passed.

What a wonderful world.

You can watch the video below.

Ur Boi Bangz – Christmas Song PT III

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