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Ur Boy Bangz To Release New Album Before Quitting Music Forever

As if the news that One Direction are breaking up wasn’t bad enough, now it turns out that Aussie rap legend Ur Boy Bangz is planning to call it quits as well.

The South Sudanese-born beatsmith has taken to Twitter to announce that he will be dropping the mic, for the last time, following the release of his final album.

Unsurprisingly, hearts broke en masse across the Twitterverse, with many fans begging the rapper to reconsider his decision.

Though he hasn’t provided a reason for wanting to move on from music, it’s likely that our boy Bangz is making a wise decision to quit while he’s on top.

The rap dynamo, best known for his 2009 viral classic Let Me Take You To Da Movies, has enjoyed an astronomical resurgence after funnyman Jimmy Fallon foolishly decided to start a beef with Bangz that he couldn’t possibly have hoped to win.

Since then, Bangz has been pumping out fiery diss tracks like a lyrical machine gun, and it seems that no one is safe.

No word yet on when exactly his new album will be released to officially signal the end, but Bangz did indicate on Twitter that it would be sometime this year.

Let us be the first to say thank you for the music, Bangz.

You can take us to da movies anytime.

Watch: Ur Boy Bangz – Let Me Take You To Da Movies

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