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Image for US Republican Party Promises Escalate In Insanity As One Candidate Promises To Re-Unite Pink Floyd

US Republican Party Promises Escalate In Insanity As One Candidate Promises To Re-Unite Pink Floyd

Written by Michael Carr on February 3, 2016

Driven by desperation or just pure passion for prog rock, Ohio Governor John Kasich and Republican Presidential nominee hopeful has pledged to re-unite Pink Floyd if elected president. Yep, the republicans are going after the stoner vote those crafty sons-a-bitches.

Earning a measly 1.9% of the vote in last night’s Iowa caucus though, the move is surely a last ditch attempt to connect with voters following the vaccum of insanity left by the exit of Mick Huckabee and Donald Trump’s disastrous showing at Iowa. (The collapse of the Donald’s campaign is worth it’s own story really, coming third to Ted Cruz and Marco Rudio despite being the favourite to win, some speculating a statement from Adele calling him out for unapproved use of her music ruining him.).

Mind you, the optimist inside me likes to think Kasich might realise he’s got no hope of winning the nomination to run for President and just be doing this to get Roger Waters and David Gilmour talking again.

Speaking with CNN on Tuesday, he explained that he was blown away by Roger Waters’ performance of The Wall, calling it best concert he’s ever attended and adding:

“If I’m president, I am going to once and for all try to reunite Pink Floyd to come together and play a couple of songs.”

This is no half baked piece of policy mind you, he’s already figured out the setlist, with Money from Dark Side Of The Moon being Kasich’s choice for opening track. Trust the Republican to pick Money.

And while you might think that with their cult following of hippies and stoners the Floyd would never think of giving in the demands of a Republican, Roger Water is indeed a supporter of the party, if not all of its policies. Mind you Kasich’s pro-Israel stance is likely to cause some issues for Waters.

This doesn’t even touch on the well known silence between him and Gilmour (Waters not having worked with the band since 1983 The Final Cut despite the band releasing their ‘final album’ The Endless River in 2014), and I’d say Kasich’s chances of getting the band back together about as good as his chances of becoming president.

Watch the bizarre interview for yourselves here.

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