Vance Joy Credits Metallica As One Of His Major Influences

Vance Joy‘s music is possibly the furthest thing from the crushing thrash metal of rifflords Metallica that it’s possible to get.

In fact, it is a widely held belief amongst metalheads that if the Vance Joy-listening public heard a song like Master Of Puppets, their ears would probably explode.


What is this devilry?

Which is why it seems quite bizarre that the Aussie indie-folk crooner has just credited the titanic metal act as one of his major musical influences.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the ukulele-playing, Taylor Swift-supporting Riptide singer has revealed that he started out learning ‘Tallica riffs on guitar.

And though the thrash kings are (clearly) not a huge influence on the music that he’s written since, they did teach him a lot about breaking the rules when it comes to song structures.

“[A song] can be whatever. As long as you’re feeling like this is a cool thing, I think people will go that journey with you,” Vance told the music mag.

The Aussie troubadour also revealed that he’s currently taking his time working on his new LP and trying not to rush his new material. “I think I just need to chill out,” he explained. “Good songs happen when you’re being totally free and having a good time.”

However, Vance Joy fans will undoubtedly be stoked to learn that Metallica’s 10th studio album, the long-awaited follow up to their post-St. Anger return to form, Death Magnetic, is expected to drop later this year.


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