Violent Soho & The Smith Street Band To Battle The Darkness & Architects In Groovin The Moo Cricket Match

It’s on!

Groovin The Moo‘s cricketing tradition has hit a peak this year, with four huge acts from its 2017 lineup — Violent Soho, The Smith Street Band, The Darkness and Architects — agreeing to go up against each other in a (hopefully) friendly exhibition match at this year’s festival.

The idea for this year’s mini cricket comp came when Soho threw the challenge out to The Darkness back in January…

…and then The Smith Street Band frontman Wil Wagner joined in the fun, coming up with a plan for who would play against who:

The Soho boys were into it, of course…

…and so was the festival…

…before they realised how just momentous an occasion #Ashes2017 would be:

Architects’ management team have since confirmed to Music Feeds that “the band is in”, while Frankie Poullain from The Darkness has reportedly told Alastair McGibbon from Geelong’s Forte magazine that his band are also up for a hit:

It’s still unclear what the bands cricket teams will be playing for, but it’ll probably just be bragging rights for the entirety of this year’s Groovin The Moo tour, and they’ll all be winners anyway, even if they lose.

High fives all round!

cricket eye poke gif

Groovin The Moo kicks off in Wayville, South Australia in late April, before heading to Maitland, Townsville, Bendigo, Canberra and Bunbury. Head here to see the full lineup, and here to see all the festival sideshows.

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