Warped Tour Band Makes History With First Music Video Shot Using Google Glass

The groundbreaking, futuristic, almost impossible technological breakthrough that is Google Glass has been put to good use recently by Warped Tour attendees Wallpaper, who used the new device to shoot a full-length live video clip.

For those unaware, Google Glass is Google’s foray into wearable computing, with a teeny tiny display, camera and microphone set inside a pair of glasses. Worn by the band’s frontman Ricky Reed, Google Glass shows us exactly what he sees, making the official video clip for the band’s new track Last Call not just intriguing, but a straight-up historic first.

There’s not a lot of footage of Google Glass in action, and the sensation of being inside someone else’s eyeballs is quite hypnotic. That said, we can’tt help but think how much better this would be if a band like Metallica did this, capturing what it looks like to play in front of tens of thousands rather than just tens.

The band decided to shoot the Arizona leg of the Warped Tour, and certainly got the right weather for it there. When they posted the video, Wallpaper thanked the team behind Project Glass who supplied the new toy.

This is a big week for Google Glass. The device recently made headway into mainstream success when it was used to film the first Google Glass porn. Music videos and porn – it’s good to see consumers of this technology know what’s up.

For those impressed by the below video clip, you can get a hold of Wallpaper’s latest album Ricky Reed Is Real right now.

Watch: Wallpaper – Last Call

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