Call The Shots’ Manager Fumbles Warped Tour Deal

Earlier this week it was revealed by Vans Warped Tour Australia promoter AJ Maddah that Brisbane pop-punk five-piece Call The Shots had been added to this year’s Warped lineup. Now it looks as though they’ll be staying home thanks to the machinations of their own manager.

“Wow. So I tried to help a local Brisbane band by giving them a spot on 5 Warped shows. Offered them far more than they are worth…Then their ‘manager’ decides to get involved and act tough,” tweeted Maddah. “Feel bad for the band because they are awesome. Now they get to sit at home.”

Besides disappointing the band’s devoted following, who inundated Maddah’s Twitter with thanks for the band’s addition to the Warped roster, their booting came as news to the band, with frontman Josh Setterfield tweeting, “So dude what!?!? Is this us!?!? Oh my god.”

“I think we’ve just been kicked off warped. Oh my god,” he added, before several more tweets expressing the young singer’s horror at the news that his band had been dropped from Warped. “I have no idea what’s happened I can’t get in contact with anyone! I am shaking,” he tweeted.

“I think their ‘manager’ owes them the explanation, but they’re welcome to call me,” Maddah told one fan, before explaining that dropping the band from the lineup was not an easy decision, tweeting, “If it means anything I’m massively crushed as well. I really wanted to help these guys.”

So far the band’s manager, Dayna Wright, has not publicly commented on the situation, but the lines of communication have been opened between Maddah and Setterfield, with the two exchanging numbers after the frontman reiterated that he “cant (sic) get in contact with anyone.”

While at the moment it looks as though Call The Shots won’t be playing Vans Warped Tour 2013, it is possible notoriously shrewd businessman Maddah is attempting to instil the fear of God into the young band and their manager, as the touring mogul did with fellow Aussie band The Porkers.

UPDATE: It seems all’s well now in the Call The Shots camp, with Maddah relieving fans of their imminent strokes by tweeting, “Thankfully the band themselves are far more charming, sensible and appreciative of the opportunity. It all worked out.”

Maddah then confirmed to several fans that Call The Shots will be playing their scheduled Warped Tour Dates as previously announced, telling one follower, “Just spoke to Josh. We’re all good.”

Stay tuned to Music Feeds and we’ll keep you up-to-date as this story unfolds.

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