Watch: 360 Freestyles About Drugs And Guns During SXSW Blackout

360′s SXSW adventure hit a bit of a snag when the Austin venue he was meant to be performing in was thrown into total darkness during a power outage. Not one to just give into something like that, Sixty was joined by a beat boxing member of the audience and began to rap about drugs, sex and rappin’ while packin’. caught it all as it went down, putting some of the display up on YouTube. Sixty opens up with a line about jet lag before abruptly changing the topic to cocaine. The line of the day would have to be, “Check it out when I’m packing and I’m rapping”, ’cause Australian rappers can be thugs too, guys.

There’s also a reference to Samuel L. Jackson, which doesn’t seem to go down too well with the crowd, before he cuts it off with a line about sleeping with his fiancee’s sister. Stay classy, mate. Check out the clip below, and kudos to Sixty for at least sticking it out.

Watch: 360 Freestyles About Drugs Over Beatboxer During SXSW Power Outage

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