Watch 5 Truly Epic Moments From Foo Fighters’ Historic Glastonbury Headline Set

Foo Fighters have officially made Glastonbury their bitch, delivering a show for the mother-flippin’ ages.

The rock titans hit the legendary Pyramid Stage for their first-ever headline slot at the Worthy Farm festival — two years after pulling out due to Dave Grohl’s broken leg — and served up a monster set filled with some truly epic moments.

Here’s our top 5.

1. Dave Grohl & Taylor Hawkins swap roles to cover Queen & David Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’

“We did this one time before, at a nightclub – there were 50 people there,” Grohl explained to the crowd of 150,000 before launching into the rock classic.

…It even earned a nod from The Great Ones themselves.

2. Dave Grohl dedicates ‘My Hero’ to a streaker in the crowd

“It’s starting to get good! I see a naked guy! This one’s for him,” the Foos frontman proclaimed after kicking into The Colour And The Shape hit.

The BBC broadcast of the set then briefly cut to a shot of the streaker in question, standing triumphantly above the crowd with his arms aloft and his peen flapping in the breeze, before quickly panning away. As one Twitter user noted: “The BBC camera man is getting sacked for panning straight to him.”

3. Dave Grohl leads the crowd in a “fuck” chant in an attempt to beat Adele’s Glasto swearing record

“We were doing an interview and someone said, ‘you know you’re not supposed to swear – there’s no swearing on Glastonbury’,” Grohl told the Glasto crowd (via NME).

“I was like, what the fuck is that supposed to fucking mean? And then I guess, Adele holds the record for the most ‘fucks’ in a Glastonbury appearance.

“Now I love Adele, but guess what,” he continued. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.”

After the crowd happily joined him in the chant, Grohl added: “Ok, I think we broke her record – I heard it was 33.”

But, after being peer-pressured by the crowd, he added one extra.

“Dude, shut the fuck up! That’s 34!”

4. 150,000 people sing along to ‘Best Of You’, proving that music really does bring out the best of all of us

A powerful moment and tear-jerking show of unity in a city that’s been through hell in recent weeks.

“This is exactly what I fucking hoped would happen!” a misty-eyed Grohl proclaimed.

5. Dave Grohl’s awesome intro & closing speech

“I’m about two years late tonight, I’m sorry. Traffic was a bitch,” Grohl joked at the start of the Foo’s set, referring to their 2015 headlining set that never was (ICYMI: Foo Fighters had to pull the plug on the show due to Dave Grohl’s broken leg and Florence + The Machine stepped in to replace them).

“But I watched [Florence’s] show on my laptop as I was sitting in a wheelchair with a broken leg, and it looked beautiful,” Grohl continued. “And my friend Florence got to headline that year, and I’m very happy that that happened, because you know what? I thought she should have been headlining anyway.

“And as I was sitting in my wheelchair watching this show on TV, Florence played a fucking Foo Fighters song way better than we’ve ever played a Foo Fighters song. So I thought I’d come out here and start the show tonight singing that song back to Florence tonight,” he added, before launching into ‘Times Like These’.

The frontman also dedicated the final song in the set to his leg surgeon James for helping him recover and get back down to business.

“I’d like to dedicate that last song to my surgeon,” Grohl said (via NME), before joking that he actually meant his plastic surgeon.

“His name’s James. I went to him and I said: ‘I know I have a broken leg, but could you make me look older?’” before pointing to himself and saying, “Voila!”

Classic Grohl.

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