Watch: Aussie Punk Mongrels Skegss Get Their Oldies To Review Their New EP

Byron Bay three-piece and noted shit-stirrers (remember that time they invaded our interview with Dune Rats at Splendour? Or that time they brought Hockey Dad uninvited to our BIGSOUND interview? Fucking mongrels) Skegss have just dropped their raucous debut EP 50 Pushups For A Dollar and to get an honest, balanced review of it, went straight to the source itself.

By which I of course mean the source of their human existence, their parents.

The lads sat down with their dear oldies to get some insight into whether 50 Pushups For A Dollar succeeds in achieving its musical goals, getting some nuanced reviews from Jonny Layback’s Pop and Ben Ben Bograil’s Mum and Dad.

“There’s a lot of sunshine in the song, rather than… darkness” and “just as good as the first time I heard The Beatles” are just some of the scintillating hot takes on the EP from the rents, check out the full video below and grab yourself a copy of 50 Pushups For A Dollar at the boys website here.

Watch: Skegss’ Oldies Review Their EP

[mfvideo yt= sb=1572501]


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