Watch Bam Margera Get Punched In The Face By An Icelandic Rapper

Bam Margera has been punched square in his Fuckface Unstoppable, after a longstanding beef with his old publicist reportedly erupted into a backstage brawl with rapper Gísli Palmi, and others.

The incident occurred during the Secret Solstice music festival in Iceland, but Margera’s account of the throwdown differs somewhat from the official version of events.

A spokesperson for Secret Solstice originally told Iceland’s Vísir News that the drunken Jackass, who’d been performing at the festival with one of his bands, The Earth Rocker, had tried to make his way into a restricted backstage area, and harassed two female security guards in the process.

However, the frontman claims he didn’t harass anyone. Well, anyone except The Earth Rocker’s “scumbag” former publicist, Leon Hill, whom he says owes the band a tonne of cash.

“I found out two years ago that the motherfucker had started a Youtube channel on me and a few other people,” Margera told Vísir. “His scam is that he tells all the people that he’s working for, that the other person is getting more hits and that they got the money. So when we all got together and figured that out, we realised that’s how Leon Hill became a self-made millionaire.”

Margera further explained that he’d laid a trap for Hill at Secret Solstice, sending a messenger to inform him that an interviewer from Rolling Stone magazine wanted to speak with him.

“He comes up thinking it’s a Rolling Stone interviewer just to find me,” he recounted. “So him and his boys beat the fucking shit out of me. It has nothing to do with anything else. Leon Hill is a scumbag, watch out.”

One of those “boys” includes well-known Icelandic rapper Palmi, another performer at the festival, who can be seen socking the Jackass star in the face, in a video of the biff which you can check out below. The clip also shows Margera taking at least two other fists to the head before falling to the ground.

The Earth Rocker frontman further told Visir that he would be filing charges with Reykjavík police over the alleged assault. While an Instagram post of him sitting (and sporting a bloodied face) with fellow pro skater/musician Chuck Treece, Finnish drummer Jussi 69 and former Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy seems to vow retribution against Hill.

“Leon hill leon hill leon hill, bad karma is coming to you,” Margera posted. “I love what u did to me.”

The whole thing has also come pretty soon after Margera wrapped up an Australian tour with his other band, Fuckface Unstoppable, just last month.

Watch: Bam Margera Backstage Brawl At Secret Soltice, Iceland Via Vísir News

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