Watch Bluejuice’s Frontman Call Out Two Fighting Punters

Just days after new footage surfaced of 360 shaming two brawling punters during an Adelaide show last month, a video has now surfaced (via FasterLouder) of Bluejuice frontman Jake Stone lambasting two “meatheads” during a Melbourne show after the singer caught them in the middle of an altercation near the stage.

The incident occurred during the second of three farewell performances at the Hi-Fi in Melbourne on Friday night. Amid a piano accompaniment, Stone calls out the two punters near the stage and demands they stop their brawl. “Just come to some kind of meathead conclusion about it, okay? It’s not that hard.”

Things get a little tense when the duelling punters opt to ignore Stones calls to “get out” if “you’re a problem”, prompting the irked frontman to yell, “Oi, dickhead, I’m talking to you!” before warning him, “Just chill the fuck out or I’ll come in there and I’ll face-fuck you and I’ll give you whatever I’ve got!”

After demanding security handle the situation quickly as “You’re distracting the shit out of me”, Stone calls for more ladies in the mosh. “If there’s too many dudes, get some girls in there. You can’t have this amount of men – it just doesn’t work. Have you learnt nothing from the mining communities here?”

A similar situation unfolded during 360’s performance at Adelaide’s Thebarton Theatre on Saturday, 13th September. A brawl in the mosh forced the rapper to cut a performance of his recent single Price of Fame and the artist subsequently rallied the entire audience into shaming the instigator of the scuffle.

Watch: Jake Stone Yells at Two Fighting Punters in Melbourne

Photos: Bluejuice – Big Day Out 2014, Sydney 26/01/14

Photos by Olivia Hadisaputra

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