Watch Garbage’s Shirley Manson Call Out A Punter For Throwing Projectiles At Brisbane Show

The Brisbane edition of A Day On The Green 2016 took place last Sunday, with the likes of Aussie indie rockers The Temper Trap and Scottish legends Garbage holding down the headline duties.

It’s common knowledge that Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson is one of the hardest rockers in music and generally rocks a ‘take-no-shit’ attitude at their gigs. In an interview with Music Feeds last month Manson admitted to being an “opinionated, ball-busting woman.”

So it wasn’t exactly a surprise when mid-set she decided to call out a punter who’d thrown projectiles at her from the middle of the moshpit earlier in the performance.

“If you come to my show and you throw shit at me, I will find you,” Manson announced to the crowd. “Do you know how i’ll find you? It’s really really simple. I ask all the crowd here to let me know who it was beside them that threw something at me.”

The clip, uploaded to Instagram by Brisbane band Pop Cult, then shows many hands pointing towards someone in the crowd. “Here we go, we know exactly who it was. I’m glad you’re laughing, I really hope you feel good right now,” says Manson.

Check out footage of the awesomely empowering moment, below.

Watch: Shirley Manson Calls Out Projectile-Throwing Fan


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