Watch Briggs Use LOL Power To Explain Why We Need To #ChangeTheDate On Entertaining New Ep Of ‘The Weekly’

Hot on the heels of yet another year of inappropriately-timed national celebrations, outspoken rapper Briggs is continuing the rapidly snowballing crusade to #ChangeTheDate of Australia Day from January 26th.

Appearing on ABC comedy chat show The Weekly with host Charlie Pickering last night, the other half of A.B. Original used a combination of bulletproof logic and hilarious punchlines to drive home the message that celebrating on Invasion Day is kind of fucked up.

Joining Pickering for a chat, Briggs dropped wisecracks like he normally drops beats in an ingeniously LOLtastic segment that would have had proponents fist-pumping.

For instance, when asked why he decided to write the triple j Hottest 100-charting tune January 26 last year, Briggs quipped: “I’m not sure if you know this Charlie, but another name for January 26th is ‘Ask An Aboriginal Person For A Quote Day’. Every single year the phone rings and some journo wants my opinion about the date. So I decided to put my opinion in a song and they can download that for cash on iTunes.”

“Celebrating on January 26th is like throwing a party to celebrate the day the bank repossessed your home,” Briggs continued. “And then the bank gave you diabetes.”

You can watch the full segment below.

Meanwhile, after opting not to change the date of the annual Hottest 100 from Australia Day this year, triple j has revealed plans to decide the future of the Hottest 100 broadcast date in the second half of 2017.

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