Watch Bruce Springsteen Adorably Pull His Mum Up For A Boogie At His Show

At 66 Bruce Springsteen is still one of the biggest rockstars in the world but that doesn’t mean he’s too cool for his own Mum.

Springsteen played a packed-out Madison Square Gardens over the weekend and his 90-year-old Mum Adele Springsteen came to watch. While playing Ramrod, the Boss moved up through the crowd to his Mum so the pair could have a dance.

Despite her age she’s obviously still got it, rocking out to the track and finishing it off with bum-wriggle. Even when he left to get back to the stage she remained up and dancing still proud after all these years.

We don’t mean to make Adele feel old but she was 54 when Ramrod was released on his fifth album The River.

Springsteen has had one of the longest years – shows wise – in showbiz so it’s no surprise that she’s had more than a few opportunities to join him on stage. YouTube is full of vids (like this) of him dancing with Adele, usually to Dancing In The Dark.

The latest footage captured in New York should weaken even the hardest of hearts today and hopefully remind you to give your Mum a call.

Watch: Bruce Springsteen Dances With His Mum At Madison Square Gardens (Via CoS)

Bruce Springsteen dancing with his mother

Bruce Springsteen and his 90-year-old mother danced to "Ramrod" during his concert at Madison Square Garden this evening.

Posted by Consequence of Sound on Monday, 28 March 2016

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