Watch Bryan Cranston Crash Above & Beyond’s Set At Electric Daisy As Walter White

Actor Bryan Cranston has resurrected iconic Breaking Badass Walter White for a surprise cameo during Above & Beyond’s set at the annual Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

As the British trance crew were rallying to drop their 2013 track Walter White on the Nevada desert crowd, Heisenberg himself materialised on stage, grabbed the mic and demanded that festivalgoers “Say my name”, much to the delight of Breaking Bad bitches and meth-heads everywhere.

Cranston further proved that he is the one who pushes, kickstarting the song Walter White over the festival’s soundsystem by pushing the motherfucking button.

brekaing bad

What in the name of Los Pollos Hermanos Cranston was doing at Electric Daisy in the first place is anyone’s guess, but the actor has been teasing that fans haven’t seen the last of Walter White since the show wrapped. For instance, when asked if we’d ever see high school science teacher-turned-meth king again, Cranston recently quipped to CNN, “Never Say Never”.

The actor also managed to shoot some video footage of his view from above the dancing masses at EDC, and posted it to twitter while making what was a no doubt epic exit: “Leaving EDC – Vegas right now. Pulled an all nighter. Old, my ass… Old, my head. Old, my feet… Happy Fathers Day”.

Check out the footage, below.

Watch: Bryan Cranston AKA Walter White Pushes The Button For Above & Beyond At EDC Las Vegas 2015

Listen: Above & Beyond – Walter White (Original Mix)

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