Watch Chino Moreno Perform Inside An Actual Icelandic Volcano

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno made history over the weekend when he became the first musician ever to perform inside an honest to god volcano. And no, he isn’t secretly Hank Scorpio, as much as you might wish he was.

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The show was part of the Secret Solstice Festival held in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavík over the weekend. The very special performance saw Moreno and 20 fans lowered 400 feet inside the dormant magma chamber of the Thrihnuagigur volcano for the once-in-a-lifetime show.

According to BBC News fans paid £1,380 (AUD $2,708) each for tickets to the show and had to trek two and a half hours across lava fields to get to the volcano. They lowered eight people at a time into the volcano using a converted window cleaning lift, traveling down the shaft for six minutes to reach the dormant magma chamber, where temperatures were below 4 degrees Celsius. Who’d have thought you’d be cold inside a volcano?

Good thing then that Moreno only performed a three-song set, saving his fans from freezing. Although for those following the math at home, that comes to £460 (AUD $903) per song. Pricey.

Still considering the price tag, Moreno did offer fans some variety, performing covers of Morrissey and David Bowie as well as the Deftones track Change (In The House Of Flies) as well as being joined by Icelandic singer-songwriter Snorri Helgason.

Lucky for us though, we can check out what the show was like thanks to this video posted to Instagram of Moreno performing Change.

Check it out below.

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