Watch Corey Taylor Lose It Mid-Song, Eject A Fan For Being “A Cunt”

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor isn’t having any of anyone’s bullshit again, appearing in new crowd-shot footage which shows him berating a male fan and kicking him out of a show for being “a cunt”.

Footage captured during a recent Slipknot show in Toronto, Canada (below) sees Taylor break character mid-song to confront a fan close to the barrier, telling him what appears to be, “You don’t show me shit, pussy,” before gesturing for him to be kicked out and clearly adding the words, “Bye-bye, bitch.”

Though many in attendance saw what went down, very few know the finer details. Considering the level of chaos that’s guaranteed at a Slipknot show, and also considering swear words and rude gestures are basically love letters between this band and their fans, homeboy must have done something particularly fucked up, especially considering Taylor doesn’t seem to want to repeat it.

When fans began to pry on Twitter, Taylor responded by saying the fan was kicked out because “he was a cunt”. Taylor hasn’t gone much further than that, but added that he’s been in the game “too long to deal with that disrespect” .

Taylor also cleared up confusion that the fan was female, but did divulge, “I believe he was her ride though, so she left too.”

This incident comes after Taylor recently smacked the phone out of a fan’s hand, also mid-song. Perhaps touring with a neck brace on is proving to be a bit too shitty.

What’s clear is that we all better be on our best behaviour when Slipknot tour Australia this October — none of us want to be ‘that guy’ in our city.

Watch Corey Taylor kick a fan out of Slipknot’s Toronto show below, alongside some of the frontman’s tweets.

Watch: Corey Taylor kicks fan out of Toronto show

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