Watch: Depeche Mode Discuss New Album ‘Delta Machine’

Depeche Mode‘s first album in 4 years, Delta Machine, is almost upon us, but if the follow-up to 2009’s Sounds of the Universe still feels 4 years away, then perhaps this behind-the-scenes video will appease you.

Posted by Rolling Stone, the clip sees Depeche Mode give an insight as to how the band writes and record. The video contains previews of new songs such as Soothe My Soul and Goodbye from Delta Machine, an album that singer Dave Gahan labels as, “crawling, a bit sleazy, a bit dirty”. Gahan also goes on to discuss what drives a Depeche Mode song:

“Each song has a punch to it in some kind of way and it’s direct. If that songs driven by a riff we work around that. If the song’s driven by the vocal melody and the vocal part, then everything’s got to work around that.”

Meanwhile, bandmate Martin Gore talks about what it still means to him to have Gahan sing over the tracks he concocts at home:

“It’s obvious that when we get together and Dave starts singing the songs that I’ve demoed at home, it doesn’t matter how good the demo is, the moment that his voice goes on it, it kind of gives it a stamp of approval and a stamp of authority.”

Delta Machine is 13 tracks long (with 5 bonus tracks on the deluxe version) and is the 13th studio album from Depeche Mode. The album is due out tomorrow in some countries and this Friday, 29th March in Australia.

Watch: Depeche Mode – Behind The Scenes of Delta Machine

Depeche Mode – Delta Machine track list

1. “Welcome to My World”

2. “Angel”

3. “Heaven”

4. “Secret to the End”

5. “My Little Universe”

6. “Slow”

7. “Broken”

8. “The Child Inside”

10. “Should Be Higher”

11. “Alone”

12. “Soothe My Soul”

13. “Goodbye”

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