Watch: Die Antwoord Respond To Fans Reactions Over ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ Video

Die Antwoord have posted a YouTube clip in which bandmates Yo-Landi Vi$$er and Ninja respond to numerous comments made by individuals who were either fascinated or flabbergasted by the South African group’s new music video Fatty Boom Boom.

Of course this being Die Antwoord, the video reply isn’t simply Ninja and Yo-Landi looking down the lens and calmly explaining the various themes of the Fatty Boom Boom music video in a conventional manner. Rather the response to fans is almost as bizarre as the video in question. Some highlights include Ninja staring down the camera brandishing red contacts in an extreme closeup and Yo-Landi slapping her arse.

The duo cover a variety of questions and comments on racism, the identity of Prawn Star, and why the music video for Fatty Boom Boom depicts Lady Gaga having a Parktown Prawn extracted from her vagina. Towards the beginning of the video response, one fan describes the clip as a ‘mind fuck’ to which Ninja defines a ‘mind fuck’ as being, “An idea or concept that shakes ones previously held beliefs or assumptions about the nature of reality.”

An apt summary of Die Antwoord if ever there was one.

Watch: Die Antwoord Responds To Comments About ‘Fatty Boom Boom’

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