Watch: Earl Sweatshirt Gets Dark In Clip For ‘Chum’

I’m guessing that during his time out of the spotlight, Earl Sweatshirt has had a lot of time to reflect on not only his career, but his whole life. The latest single, Chum, from the young rapper shows a much more emotionally connected Earl than we’ve previously seen, and the video clip furthers that argument.

It’s a simple, but well made and also very sombre clip. Earl floats through the streets as though reminiscing about his past life in some eerie lucid dream. The footage is interjected with pictures of a nighttime urban landscape, adding to the sense if isolation that Earl portrays through the song’s narrative.

In a style truly befitting the OFWGKTA member, Earl released the song, only to vanish from Twitter. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates. If Chum is indicative of what we can expect from Earl in the near future, then we have big things to expect.

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