Watch Tyler The Creator And Earl Sweatshirt Beat Down Seth Rogen

Odd Future’s usually hit-and-miss comedy series Loiter Squad has definitely had another hit with their latest episode. The awesome, yet brief moment features a dolled up Seth Rogen who cops a solid beating from the rap troupe.

Upon spotting a lonesome Seth Rogen acting as a 6-year-old girl playing with a football at a park (you know, the usual), Odd Future mainstay Earl Sweatshirt attempts to play catch, only to end up exchanging heated words with said 6-year-old girl.

Before long, Tyler, The Creator tackle Baby Sethy to the ground and the “That’s what we’re about!” taunts close the skit.

So yeah…it’s no Between Two Ferns but what else have you got to do right now?

Watch: Seth Rogen’s Loiter Squad Cameo

Photos: Earl Sweatshirt / Laneway Festival 2014 – Brisbane, 31/01/14

Photos By Charlyn Cameron

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