Watch Fall Out Boy’s Drummer Jam On Stage With Behemoth

This isn’t exactly a collaboration we were expecting, but for some reason Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley has hopped on stage with Polish metal band Behemoth at their concert in Portland over the weekend.

Hurley, who is apparently a huge metal fan, was invited to jam on stage with the band, who were without makeup which is a rare sight in and of itself, during their soundcheck and meet-and-greet to perform their song ‘Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer.’

Frontman Nergal posted the performance on his Instagram, saying “Have u heard about @falloutboy ?!”

“Andy has joined us during meet and greet soundcheck and jammed ORA PRO NOBIS with us!! Nailed it BIG FUCKIN’ TIME!”

Behemoth will be in Australian for Download Festival early next year, and made sure everyone knew about it as they leaked the lineup.

Watch a clip of the performance below.

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