Watch: Flying Lotus Releases Short Doco On New Insane Audio-Visual Show

Flying Lotus concerts are not going to be all that more insane. The visionary producer has showcased a super short doco explaining in some detail the new 3-layered audio-visual show he has in store for fans.

Describing the display as ‘magic’, FlyLo teamed up with contempories Strangeloop and Timeboy, who also feature in the documentary. The pair looked to the cult film A 2001 Space Odyssey for creative inspiratuon, and what makes it even cooler, is that none of the visuals are pre-programmed, the whole thing is live.

They explain the logistics in the clip, but basically the set-up includes FlyLo with a screen in front, and another behind him. One screen displays an image in response to the music, the other continues on a journey through the universe of the show.

As he explains, many people involved slammed the idea, claiming images will “bleed over, and the technical side will be a nightmare”, but according to Flying Lotus, ever the magician, “it was really simple”. Check it out, this does apply to us, well sort of, with FlyLo rumoured to be heading down sometime soon.

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