Watch: Gwar Go Trick-or-Treating (with Hilarious Results)

Gwar have hit the streets a little early this Halloween for their first attempt at the American tradition of trick-or-treating. As reported by Loudwire, the best-dressed band in rock and roll strolled the streets of New Jersey in broad daylight and interacted with lowly humans as they endeavoured to extract candy from their weak fleshy hands.

Each member donned a specific Halloween costume over their alien bodies and battle armour. Beefcake the Mighty dressed as a pretty ballerina complete with pink tutu, Pustulus Maximus slapped on a novelty sized cowboy hat, and Oderus Urungus bore a cutout of President Obama’s head on his shoulder.

What ensues is mass hilarity as Gwar demand candy, learn to operate doorbells, get shot down when asking an elderly woman out on a date, and flee in fear when they come face to face with their arch enemies ‘the tribe of the Banana People’.

It was revealed yesterday by his holiness AJ Maddah that the extraterrestrial metal outfit will headed to Australia next year for a national tour. No doubt local fans will be in for a treat when Gwar touch down in Australia, but for now enjoy some tick-or-treating with the comical trio.

Watch: Gwar Goes Trick-or-Treating

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