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GWAR Aren’t Having Any Of Iron & Wine’s ‘Sick Of You’ Cover

Sam Beam, aka Iron & Wine, has fallen victim to the frightening powers of thrash metal heroes GWAR, after giving the band’s song Sick Of You the folk treatment and receiving some piercing death stares in return.

Iron & Wine is the latest muso to perform a cover as part of The A.V. Club‘s ‘Undercover’ series, in which artists pick a song to perform from a preselected list which grows smaller and smaller with each performance.

Iron & Wine’s acoustic version of Sick Of You (below) sounds pretty sweet and unassuming at first, but the crazy alien-metal/indie-folk crossover takes an almost comedic turn on the first line, as Beam’s gentle guitar work is topped by the lyrics, “Your socks they smell / Your feet they stick / You never take a bath.”

In a brief interview following his cover, Beam says, “Oddly enough, I used to live down the street from [GWAR] in Richmond, so I would go to the GWAR shows and Sick Of You was sort of the anthem, the classic.”

GWAR performed as part of the ‘Undercover’ series earlier this year, dropping a Cyndi Lauper and Ramones mashup which no one had any problems with, of course — no one’s that stupid.

Catch GWAR’s less-than-impressed reaction to Iron & Wine’s Sick Of You cover below, alongside the original, and reconsider any GWAR covers you may have had in mind.

Watch: GWAR Aren’t Having Any Of Iron & Wine’s Cover Of GWAR’s ‘Sick Of You’

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