Watch: Kreator Show Interrupted By Power Shortage

Kreator let loose on venue promotors after a power shortage interrupted a recent gig at Salamandra in Barcelona, Spain. The metal band were wailing away when all of a sudden the lights went out and, according to Blabbermouth, didn’t come back on again for 30 minutes.

Once the power came back on and the band returned to the stage, Kreator frontman Mille Petrozza didn’t hide his feelings about the incident, informing the crowd that they’ll never play Salamandra again and encouraging fans to tear the place down, before launching into Extreme Aggression.

“Fuck the promoter. Fuck those people. Those people rip you off and they rip us off. We don’t wanna play this place ever again. I hope you destroy this fucker,” yelled Petrozza.

Kreator is currently supporting their 2012 album Phantom Antichrist and touring with Fueled By Fire, Nile and Morbid Angel. You can watch the blackout and subsequent outburst from Kreator below.

Watch: Kreator – Black Out at Salamandra in Barcelona, Spain

Watch: Kreator – Respond to Black Out at Salamandra in Barcelona, Spain

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