Watch Mashd N Kutcher Wake A Sleeping Aunty With A Surprise Set

There’s nothing quite as distressing as being woken suddenly in the early hours of the morning, particularly when your room is being invaded by pop-up DJs.

Aussie production duo Mashd N Kutcher teamed with local comedian Shammi to put on a surprise gig, the only catch was that it was in Shammi’s Aunt’s bedroom at 1am.

The boys rolled a handful of friends as well as DJ decks into her pitch black bedroom without making a peep. They then blasted the music on the poor unsuspecting lady as she awoke to a house party unfolding around her.

She is visibly and understandably shocked as her room is rattled by bass and attempts to leave. She’s kept in by the bouncing ravers but eventually pulls the plug on the whole thing.

“Don’t be so stupid. Have you thought about the fricken neighbours,” she says to Shammi, who would’ve copped a mouthful the morning after.

For some reason there’s also a chicken in attendance ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Watch the prank below.


Posted by Mashd N Kutcher on Thursday, 24 March 2016

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