Watch Montaigne’s Stunning Performance Of ‘Technicolour’ At Eurovision 2021

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Eurovision 2021

Montaigne has finally gotten the chance to perform at Eurovision this morning – after some COVID-induced false starts – giving a stunning show of her song ‘Technicolour’.

Clad in black and flanked by three dancers, the performance matches how unashamedly fun and bombastic the song is, even if it was pre-recorded had to be done remotely – again, due to COVID.

This morning marked the first semi-final for the song contest, where 16 representatives from 16 countries tried to make it to the Grand Final.

Unfortunately, Montaigne has not made it through to the grand final, marking the first time Australia hasn’t done so since our introduction to the competition.

Ireland, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania and Croatia also didn’t make it, while Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Cyprus, Norway, Belgium, Ukraine, Malta, Azerbaijan and Israel all succeeded.

However, it should be noted that Montaigne was very heavily disadvantaged, having to deliver a pre-recorded performance remotely. In fact, Montaigne has since acknowledged this on social media.

“Babes, look. i knew this would happen. we were at a severe disadvantage,” she wrote.

“but it’s okay! i’m proud of the song and glad i got to share it with you on the eurovision stage.”

The second semi-final for Eurovision 2021 will take place this Friday, with the Grand Final taking place on Sunday.

Watch Montaigne’s performance of ‘Technicolour’ below.

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