Watch: New Footage of Marilyn Manson’s Onstage Collapse

Yesterday, news broke that Marilyn Manson had collapsed onstage during a performance in Saskatoon, Canada. The news of Manson’s onstage downfall came from various onlookers who tweeted that Manson had keeled over, was vomiting and had been helped off stage by EMTs.

As seen in the footage below, Manson was in the midst of performing his trademark single Beautiful People when the singer collapsed. Although the recording is a little unclear, it appears as though Manson kneels down a little over 30 seconds into the song.

Manson continues to sing until about 1:26 when he then suddenly turns to his side and falls to the stage. The band continues to play and someone can been seen attending to Manson at about 2:26. Then at approximately 2:45 into the clip Manson is helped offstage.

At the time of Manson’s collapse some fans were speculating the ordeal was caused by some form of intoxication or perhaps entirely staged. However, according to TMZ, Manson was simply suffering from the flu.

Apparently Manson was ill all day but refused to cancel his performance. Following his onstage collapse Manson was not taken to hospital but rather recuperated in his hotel room. Manson’s father, Hugh Warner, confirmed his son has the ‘flu bug’ when contacted by a distressed fan.

Watch: Marilyn Manson – Collapses Onstage – Saskatoon, Canada | 2013-02-06

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