Watch: News Report On Randy Blythe Case (Report In Czech)

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe was taken into custody on June 27, 2012 on allegations of manslaughter. Charges were laid against Blythe over the accidental death of Daniel N, a 19-year-old male who suffered head injuries while attending a Lamb of God concert in Prague on May 24, 2010. Daniel N was ejected from the stage and allegedly struck his head, causing bleeding in the brain and leading to his tragic passing 14 days later.

Blythe has remained incarcerated since being arrested last month despite posting bail, which was set at 4 million Czech Koruna (approximately $200,000 US). The reasons for Blythe’s continued imprisonment have been linked to the slow processing by the Czech Republic bail system while bail conditions are set.

In the latest update, Blabbermouth have published an article touching on the anguish of Daniel N’s surviving family. Blabbermouth reported that Daniel N’s mother is understandably still coming to terms with the passing of her teenaged son. Almost a year on from her son’s regrettable passing, Daniel’s mother posted the following statement on a social-networking site:

“Approaching the date when you went to your last concert. I’m not gonna make it without you and I’m totally heartbroken. I hope we meet together soon. Life without you is miserable!”

Meanwhile Daniel’s uncle has expressed his frustration with the Czech Republic Justice System, stating that he is “disgusted” with the prosecutor’s office, who he claims is more focused on money as opposed to the case.

“It’s all about money”, he said, “That is the only concern. The bail of $200,000 is ridiculous.”

Daniel’s uncle has also expressed concern that Blythe is a flight risk should he be released on bail.

Czech Republic’s Prima TV has broadcast a news report on the unfortunate incident. The report is in Czech but does contain images of Daniel N. for those interested (some of which are attached below).

Watch: Prima TV – Daniel N./Randy Blythe News Report

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