Watch Northlane’s New Frontman Confused For The Old In Hilarious Interview

When a lead-vocalist leaves a band it’s often hard for fans and the media alike to come around to the fact that there’s now someone else up-front.

Northlane‘s frontman Adrian Fitipadles left the band last year and after an audition process he was replaced by Marcus Bridge. Bridge is the vocalist on their forthcoming record Node and while most people have got their head around it it seems some are still to get the memo.

One of those people is US comedian Jarrod Alonge who sat down with the new lead-vocalist of Northlane for a chat, introducing him as “Adrian”. Once he’s corrected he continues to ask questions that would have been much better suited to Fitipadles than Bridge like, “did you expect to be so successful when you formed back in 2009?”

It’s a spoof piece but the pair brilliantly play out the fake-awkwardness of the situation providing us with plenty of laughs along the way. Plus, we’re sure this scenario will play out sometime this year as journalists get used to Northlane’s new frontman.

Watch: Northlane: Who Is Marcus?

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