Watch Oli Sykes Pop His First Ever Shoey At Bring Me The Horizon’s Sydney Show

Bring Me The Horizon have brought their epic First Love tour to Australia and it’s sure been a memorable one.

Not only is it the only arena-sized show we’ve ever seen that combines huge pop choruses, acoustic ballads and all-out rave sections with deathcore breakdowns and walls of death, it’s also been marked by blockbuster production and some huge live collabs.

But BMTH’s Sydney show on Friday night was memorable for another reason, with frontman Oli Sykes getting peer pressured into doing his first ever shoey.

After the crowd started up with the notorious “shoey” chant, Oli seemed genuinely perplexed about WTF everyone was on about, until someone explained to him that the crowd wanted him to drink a pint out of his shoe.

“Anyone got any sauvignon blanc? I’m not really a beer guy,” he quipped, before downing a mouthful out of someone’s filthy Everlast sneaker.

“Dirty bastards,” he added before chucking the shoe into the crowd.

Hope you’re pleased with yourself, Sydney.

Watch footage of the historic moment below.

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