Watch: Pharrell Teases ‘Get Lucky’ Clip In New Daft Punk Video – “This Music Is Beyond 3D”

If you need confirmation that Pharrell Williams is one tripped out dude, look no further than the latest installment of Daft Punk‘s The Collaborators series below. A seriously spacey Williams has a lot of lovely things to say about his new French friends, relaying the story of his involvement with their latest album Random Access Memories over snippets of the new video for single Get Lucky.

Williams almost reaches Joaquin Phoenix levels of weird in the 7-minute clip, referring to Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo exclusively as ‘the robots’. They’re the nice kind of robot, though, according to Williams:

“They could just get back on the spaceship that brought them here and go and leave us. But they’re gracious. They’re nice robots. They chose to stay.”

He also suggests that they pulled “some Men In Black shit” on him after their recording session, as he lost all memory of it and was surprised to hear himself on the recording.

“You don’t need MDMA for this music,” says Williams…though you might need it to follow Williams’ groove, ya dig? We’re not sure if he’s for real or just putting this on, but we are sure that Get Lucky is so damn infectiously catchy that we’ll take any snippet Daft Punk want to throw at us at this point.

Here at Daft Punk Feeds Dave Grohl Feeds Music Feeds, we’re betting there will be another teaser of some sort tomorrow…and the day after…and the day after that…

Check out the full episode below, and check out the other episodes featuring Giorgio Moroder, Todd Edwards and Nile Rodgers.

Daft Punk – The Collaborators Episode 4: Pharrell Williams

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