Watch: Premiere Of Twinsy ‘Water Bombs’

This morning we’re premiering a brand new clip for Water Bombs, taken from Twinsy’s self-titled EP, which was released earlier this year. Somewhat branded as a supergroup of sorts, Twinsy is the brainchild of Guy Chappell from Yacht Club DJs, Michael Belsar from Hunting Grounds, and AJAX. The track is the perfect summer lead-up tune, boasting a calypso melody and bright lyrics that manage to invoke the warmth of a party in the sunshine.

Imagine a world where kids not only ruled, but ruled with an iron fist. It’s a crazy, messed-up concept that Twinsy have perfectly captured in their latest video offering. The adults run through fields and hide in trees, but there is no escape from the wrath of the children, who in a Children of the Corn style posse (albeit with Nerf guns and poison darts) hunt down the grown-ups that have yet to be captured. It’s cute and fun until the sadistic little ones dispose of the last 3 adults in one of the most messed up ways you could think of.

The tune itself cruises through Twinsy’s soundscape, meandering up and down in an oh-so-minimal manner. After pulling it all apart during the bridge, the energy kicks in hard once everything is rebuilt on top of eachother, bringing all the layers in together as well as some Jamaican steel drums to drive the dangerously catchy tune home.

Check out the official clip for Water Bombs off Twinsy’s forthcoming self-titled EP.

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