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Going to Fat As Butter in Newcastle today? Or staying at home on the couch? Either way, Music Feeds has you covered. We’ll be live on the ground at the day-long festival on the city’s Foreshore – pumping out live updates and a series of interviews with acts on the bill.

Good Charlotte are headlining the festival in one of their rare appearances as a full band – after this, they’ll be going back on hiatus. Other acts on the bill include fellow US punks Yellowcard, local stars 360 and Grinspoon, and one-hit-wonders-back-out-on-tour-to-make-some-cash-ten-years-later Eiffel 65 and Wheatus.

Check back here throughout the day for up to date coverage, and video interviews from Tenzin, Rebecca & Fiona, Doctor Werewolf, Pond, Mystery Jets, The Owls, Marianas Trench, Hungry Kids Of Hungary, Eiffel 65, Seth Sentry and N-Trance.

For the full for the festival and all the other essential info you need for the day and set times, click here.


Photos: Good Charlotte

Photos: 360


Mystery Jets FAB interview – Full video posted on Music Feeds shortly


Photos: Grinspoon

Review: Grinspoon

Nostalgia ran rife through the crowd from the very opening of Grinspoon’s set, opening with Hard Act To Follow. The crowd were vocal in their huge love for the classic aussie rock tunes, singing along loudly to massive hits Chemical Heart, No Reason and No Reason.

Lead singer Phil Jamieson swaggered around the stage, thrusting from the hip like a true frontman should. He pulled shapes and rock star poses as his bandmates rocked out with energy that belied their veteran status. As they donned the power stances for the grittier riffs, the speaker stacks emitted a massive crunch. Playing one song from their upcoming album, Grinspoon proved they are still a rocking force to be reckoned with.

Photos: Wheatus


Review: Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds played their signature wild and bombastic style, hitting out a mix of old and new songs. They thrashed about with youthful energy in a hot mess of hair and sweat. Songs from the early days were played, when they used to be known as Howl.

I Hear It’s Love was a standout performance, with a chaotic mid-song jam utilising three percussionists bashing away on the one drum kit. Closing with In Colour got a great response from an audience who pushed aside the overwhelming lure of dance music to witness some rock n roll with true grit.


Doctor Werewolf FAB interview – Full interview on Music Feeds SOON!

Photos: Mystery Jets

Review: Mystery Jets

All the way from the UK, Mystery Jets just graced the main stage at Fat As Butter. The perfect setting to catch the legendary indie rockers bash out tunes both old and new. With the sun slowly setting behind the pit, and the dust slowly settling back down to earth, it was a visual pleasure as well as a sonic one.

Rushing out on stage instruments in hand the band opened their set with Someone Pure, by the time they have wrapped up their second tune, Serotonin, the crowd seemed to have doubled as if those walking around aimlessly had been coax towards the Fat stage to discover what was creating those sweet, sweet sounds coming from the area. A great excuse to dance, the crowd were loving it. Plenty of beer in the blood and sun on the skin, punters were soaking in the coolness that Mystery Jets ooze, and in return, the band was soaking up the crowds non-stop charging energy.

– Mike Hohnen

Photos: Rufus

Rufus on stage quote: “If it’s one thing I love it’s sun, beer and music”


Marianas Trench FAB interview – Full video on Music Feeds SOON!


Review: Hey Geronimo

Native heroes Hey Geronimo just wrapped up an absolute stellar set on the main stage of Fat As Butter. A little bit ska, a little bit indie, a little bit punk but totally 100% all the way awesome. With the sun slowly setting and festival goers seeking some solace from the afternoon head, prior to the nighttime madness, Hey Geronimo offered the perfect setting. Trumpet, keyboard, acoustic guitar, it was a fairly chiller vibe but not underwhelming for one second.

Most chose to sit on the grass, take a knee and watch the spectacle but the barrier was still chockablock with punters eager to get their groove on to the unique sound of Hey Geronimo. Joined on stage by an absolute party animal who rapped his way through a tune with the band before running around with the boys for their rendition of Burning Down The House.

– Mike Hohnen


Rebecca & Fiona FAB interview – Full video on Music Feeds SOON!

Photos: Yellowcard


Watch: The Owls FAB interview – Full interview on Music Feeds SOON!


Review: Nick Thayer

The dubstep invasion has reached Newcastle. The crowd absolutely LOVED Nick Thayer’s bass heavy set! The mosh pit was almost full and hands reached to the sky as the bass thumped through hundreds of moving bodies. The Fat As Butter crowd are massive fiends for heavy bass music.

– Andrew Nock


Review: Jayton on Melt Stage

As the FAB crowd trickled through the entrance, they cruised past The Melt Stage where Jayton thrashed out a pumping party set that transcended genre boundaries. Some brave punters stopping for a quick dance before moving on into the depths of the festival. Jayton mixed heavier dubstep and moombahton tracks into Rnb and house; even throwing down a White Stripes track for good measure.

The music was cut dead briefly to shift Jayton’s CDJs for the turntables of following act Softwar vs Slow Blow. The momentary silence was met by sarcastic applause from the sparse crowd. It passed relatively unnoticed as Softwar vs Slow Blow took over the tough task of warming up the crowd for the long day of great music on a beautiful summery day on Newcastle’s Foreshore

– Andrew Nock


Fat As Butter crowd enjoying the early sunshine and music

Photos: Chicks Who Love Guns


With one man down, and the Fat Stage aka Main Stage to handle, Sydney’s Chicks Who Love Guns had a big task at hand. However, as soon as it was game-on, the 4 lads who were dwarfed by the sheer size of the space they were occupying, immediately packed the entire space with their massive wall of sound. Though the crowd in front of them was one of the first of the day, the band seemed undeterred, performing as though they were at Red Rocks: running around, jumping on one another, and with the odd Dido or Wu Tang Clan melody in between their own tunes. The kids were loving it.

The difference between their old material and the songs on Moon Eater, their latest and third EP, really come through on a live setting. The more sombre, mature approach to their sound in Moon Eater provided a great mix between the grunge, shoe gaze gnarl and the more melodic, post-punk sensibilities. The band demonstrated just what they are capable of, and are well on their way to reaching their full potential.

– Mike Hohnen


Beautiful weather in Newcastle today, plenty of interviews to come including: Tenzin, Rebecca & Fiona, Doctor Werewolf, Pond, Mystery Jets, The Owls, Marianas Trench, Hungry Kids Of Hungary, Eiffel 65, Seth Sentry and N-Trance.



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