Watch Run The Jewels Give Awesome Dating Advice To Teenage Girls

Killer Mike and El-P, aka hip hop duo Run The Jewels, aren’t just talented musicians. They’re also down right awesome at giving dating advice.

As part of Rookie‘s continuing “Ask A Grown Man” segment, Mike and El-P fielded a number of love-related questions from teenage girls around the world. The pair delivered some super-mature and very well-developed answers to the girls in their q&a video, which has now made its way online.

Mike and El-P handled tough questions on love, first kisses, how to talk to guys and relationships in general, and did it all so perfectly that a number of their lines could easily be printed in large font on motivational posters.

Take some of Mike’s, for example: “To be in love – period – makes you feel kind of naive,” or, “If you are in love, then make sure it’s reciprocated. Don’t love anyone who doesn’t love you back,” and, “Love honestly, love hard, and don’t lose yourself loving someone.” Plus his opinion on how to ask someone out, “I like you. Do you like me? If so, let’s go get some lunch.”

El-P did the mature thing and told the girls something pretty much every guy has believed at some stage in his life – “Women are mysteries to us.”

Other choice advice provided by Mike and El-P included the suggestion to avoid movie dates because they destroy conversation, to learn how to love yourself, and to know about some basic religious traditions, just in case.

Run The Jewels were recently in Australia for Falls Festival 2014/2015, and even sat down with Music Feeds to talk battling oppression as allies. Catch the pair’s “Ask A Grown Man” video in full, below.

Ask a Grown Man: Run the Jewels

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