Watch Sia’s Unaired ARIAs Acceptance Videos, Starring Carrot Top

ARIA have made good on their promise to publish Sia‘s unaired acceptance speeches from Wednesday night’s awards, after the singer criticised their decision to only air one of the four videos she made.

Like the one video that was actually televised, all of Sia’s acceptance clips star US comedian Carrot Top, aka Scott Thompson, who dons a trademark Sia blonde bob on top of his own trademark curly red hair. Also like the one televised video, they are all pretty weird.

Sia’s voice is heard delivering her thanks throughout each video, while Carrot Top attempts, very haphazardly and sometimes not at all, to mime along. In fact, he doesn’t even try to mime the words being spoken in Sia’s Best Female Artist acceptance video, treating it instead like the dialogue of a bizarre internal monologue.

Other than offering up advice to “be nice to animals” and dedicating one award to people who don’t fit in, it’s the same schtick for each video, which, frankly, is probably why ARIA only chose to air one of them.

Still for those interested, you can watch the three un-aired speeches below. Then, just for the fun, go ahead and relive Chet Faker‘s stunning live performance of Talk Is Cheap from his ARIA-award winning album Built On Glass.

Following her four wins at Wednesday night’s ARIA Awards, Sia took to Twitter to say she was disappointed she had been branded a “no-show” and that ARIA only chose to air one of her four videos. She then proceeded to give away her pointy prizes to fans who shared their recent “good deed” with her.

ARIA responded by explaining they “would have loved for Sia to attend” adding that they had invited her to perform. “Of her two Award wins that were televised, the Album Of The Year video acceptance footage was shown on air and Sia’s friend, Katy Perry accepted Best Female Artist on her behalf,” they continued. ARIA also promised to make the videos available online.

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