Watch Taylor Swift Rap To Drake & Future, Faceplant Into A Treadmill For Apple Music

It appears as if the bad blood between Taylor Swift and Apple Music has gone the same way as her country girl image.

It was less than a year ago that T-Swizzle penned a scathing open letter to Apple, slamming their “shocking, disappointing” royalties policy, but now it seems that things are all G in the H again, because not only is Tay’s album 1989 streaming on the service, she’s also appearing in a brand new ad spruiking it.

But at least it’s a good’n.

In the just-landed commercial for the streaming platform’s famous 3 month free trial period, Tay Tay is all of us at the gym.

She shows off her white girl flow by attempting to rap along to Drake & Future’s hit Jumpman while running on a treadmill.

As per the heading spoiler (#soznotsoz), we’re treated to a hearty #schadenfreudegasm when things go hilariously awry and the gym machine pulls a violent swiftie over poor old Tay.

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Watch Taylor vs Treadmill below.

Watch: Taylor vs. Treadmill


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